UHS Corp. (The company is hereinafter referred to as the “Company”.) is fully aware of our social mission to protect all personal information we handle, and we will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of the rights of individuals and personal information.
In addition, we hereby declare that we will establish a personal information protection management system to realize the following policies, and we will work on continuous improvement of the system with the entire company, while always being aware of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in social demands, and changes in the business environment.

  1. The Company shall appropriately collect, use and provide personal information handled in the course of its advertising business, employment and personnel management of employees, and shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use. In addition, we will take measures to achieve this.
  2. We will comply with the laws and regulations, guidelines and other standards set by the government regarding the handling of personal information.
  3. The Company will take reasonable security measures to prevent risks such as leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and will continue to improve the security system for personal information by allocating management resources to meet the actual conditions of the business. In the event of an incident, we will take immediate corrective measures.
  4. The Company will respond promptly and sincerely to any complaints or consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
  5. The personal information protection management system will be reviewed and improved continuously in a timely and appropriate manner based on the changes in the environment and conditions surrounding our company.

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